Friday, March 05, 2010

Treasures of Life

This life offers many treasures
Some too wonderful to believe
Our status in life is measured
by the money we receive.

It's a show of size and measure
In the amount that we possess
We walk proud at the vision
of one living with much less

We have a pride so large
It cannot be controlled
Our mouths speak so foolish
of all that we could hold!

But you know that we really
are holding NOTHING at all....
What a short life that we live
when eternity gives its call!

Will we cry of pride and stature,
when we're standing before our Lord?
Will we show a pile of money?
Or hide in shame of all we've hoard?

You see dear friend that life
Is not the wealth that we own....
It's in the precious Grace of Jesus
and the forgiveness He has shown!

No possessions will go with us
as we travel that last mile
Will He know us when we're knocking?
and greet us as His child?

Or will His door close slowly
with a tear running down His face?
As He cries, "I KNOW YOU NOT!"
"Why did you turn from Grace?" 
 -Linda Sue Etling

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